Exploring Iceland's Top 10 Ice Cream Stores

  • Fri May, 2023
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Iceland -Explore the top 10 ice cream stores in Iceland, each offering unique flavors and unforgettable frozen delights!

Iceland not only boasts breathtaking landscapes but also a vibrant ice cream
culture. Explore the top 10 ice cream stores in Iceland, each offering unique
flavors and unforgettable frozen delights! We now embark on a mouthwatering adventure through the land of fire and ice!

1. Gelato SÍMÍ: Located in Reykjavik, Gelato SÍMÍ is a local favorite. Their artisanal
gelato is made with natural ingredients, and the wide array of flavors, including
unique Icelandic flavors like skyr (a local dairy product) and licorice, will leave you
wanting more.
2. Valdís: Known as the oldest ice cream shop in Reykjavik, Valdís offers classic
flavors and creative combinations. Don't miss their famous sea salt caramel or the
mouthwatering Icelandic rhubarb sorbet.
3. Joylato: In the charming town of Akureyri, Joylato is a hidden gem. Their
homemade ice cream is made from locally sourced ingredients, and their flavors
range from traditional to unconventional, like their popular Icelandic blueberry and
licorice swirl.
4. Brynja: Hafnarfjordur is home to Brynja, a legendary ice cream parlor that has
been serving locals and tourists since 1949. Enjoy their creamy soft-serve topped
with homemade chocolate and caramel sauces, or try their popular "Lína" flavor, a
blend of chocolate, caramel, and licorice.
5. Ísbúð Vesturbæjar: A family-run ice cream shop in Reykjavik's Vesturbær
neighborhood, Ísbúð Vesturbæjar is known for its homemade ice cream made with
organic ingredients. Their adventurous flavors include Icelandic moss, elderflower,
and wild blueberries.
6. Icewear: Nestled in the picturesque town of Stykkishólmur, Icewear serves up
delightful artisanal ice cream. Indulge in their signature flavor, "Midnight Sun," a
heavenly blend of licorice and white chocolate.
7. Huppa: Located in the town of Borgarnes, Huppa is a popular spot for ice cream
lovers. Their homemade soft-serve comes in a variety of flavors, and you can even
top it with crispy caramelized Icelandic barley.
8. Ísbúð Huppu: Journeying to the beautiful Westfjords, we find Ísbúð Huppu in
Ísafjörður. This charming ice cream parlor offers a range of delicious flavors,
including their locally sourced blueberry and wild thyme.
9. Cafe Paradís: Found in the heart of Egilsstaðir, Cafe Paradís is known for its
homemade ice cream and cozy atmosphere. Treat yourself to their rich chocolate or
tangy raspberry sorbet.
10. Gamla Fjósið: Our final stop takes us to the south coast, where Gamla Fjósið, a
converted cowshed turned ice cream parlor, awaits. Their dairy farm-inspired
flavors, such as fresh milk and Icelandic hay, provide a unique and delightful

There you have it, the ice cream aficionados! Iceland is not only a paradise for nature
enthusiasts but also a wonderland for ice cream lovers. From traditional flavors to
experimental combinations, these top 10 ice cream stores in Iceland offer a taste of the country's sweet side. Until then, keep scooping and stay delicious!

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