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  • Wed Jan, 2023
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Trippy Travel Iceland : The company is build with oozing enthusiast and the greatest Passion on not only travelling around ICELAND and availing our tour packages but also making sure they make your stay worth the while that you come back and ask for more.

Iceland is known for its stunning natural beauty, unique culture, and strong sense of community. Therefore, some core values that could be associated with Iceland include:
  1. Respect for nature and environment: Icelanders are known for their deep appreciation of their country’s natural beauty and unique geology. This respect for nature is reflected in their strong commitment to environmental conversation and sustainability.
  2. Strong sense of community: Despite its small size, Iceland has a close-knit and supportive community where people look out for each other. This sense of community is reflected in the country’s social welfare system, which provides universal healthcare, education, and other social services to all citizens.
  3. Emphasis on creativity and innovation: Iceland has a rich cultural heritage that values creativity and innovation. This is reflected in the country’s vibrant music, art, and literature scenes, as well as its thriving tech industry.
  4. Commitment to equality and social justice: Iceland has a long history of promoting gender equality, LGBTQ + rights, and other forms of social justice. This commitment to equality is reflected in the country’s progressive laws and policies, as well as its strong emphasis on education and social welfare.
  5. Resilience and adaptability: Iceland is a country that has had to adapt to challenging environmental and economic conditions throughout its history. This has fostered a sense of resilience and adaptability among its people, who are known for their resourcefulness and determination.

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