Best Bakeries In Iceland

  • Thu Mar, 2023
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Best Bakeries In Iceland? - ALL the bakeries in Iceland are GREAT and Mouthwatering!

Best Bakeries in Iceland may vary depends on you liking: Donuts, pretzels, sesame buns, and sandwiches: you´ll find many well-known things in our bakeries. But before giving in the temptation to order something familiar, we want to encourage you to taste our Icelandic goodies , isn’t traveling about trying out new things?

Everyone’s in awe of Iceland’s extraordinary natural beauty, but what is so beautiful has to be a bit cruel, and the stubborn settlers were well-aware of that. What little grain grew in the past wasn’t enough for it to leave a longstanding impact on Iceland’s traditional cuisine or so was thought.  Until the 20th century, there was little interest in bread, seeing as grains didn’t dominate the market.  But, from then on, Icelanders managed to craft trademark loaves of bread famous to this day, and it goes well with traditional delicacies, too.

The culture of bakeries is excellent here in Iceland. There are usually small, cozy cafés in every one of them. Fantastic food, fresh sandwiches, pastries, great coffee/tea/hot chocolate, and often soups of the day. Good prices. Extremely fresh food. Open early, often close earlyish too. Some of them are even closed on the weekends (just check the opening hours). Wonderful spots for breakfast or simple lunch, and to load up with tasty and fresh snacks for the day. They are loved by the locals, also quite often in smaller towns in the countryside. Usually, all of them, they're small family businesses, and the service is terrific. Most of the time, tourists don't have a clue about these hidden gems all over the country - so make sure to seek them out. Forget about how bakeries are in your country; I recommend visiting some bakeries while here. You can search for Bakery or Bakarí on Google maps (these search words give different results), but if you see a sign saying Bakari something, that's a good sign! Go there right away. Enjoy!


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